Referral Program

Our referral program gives you an easy opportunity to earn free reward points. For every customer that you refer to Food for Health International, you will receive reward points for every purchase they ever make—that’s right . . . every purchase they EVER make.


  • To refer your friends and family just click on the “refer friends” link in your Food for Health International store account and fill out the email box that pops up.
  • The people you refer will be sent an email with a link sending them to our online store.
  • For every retail purchase your referrals make, you will be credited 1 point for each dollar that they spend.
  • 20 reward points are worth $1 to redeem online.
  • You will continue to earn reward points on all future purchases.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 866-206-9876.


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