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How to Write a Product Review

  1. Find the item you want to review and click on “Add Review”.
  2. Rate your purchase (from one to five stars, with five stars being the best), list pros/cons and write your comments about the item.
  3. Preview and submit your review – it will show up within a few days, pending approval by our site review moderator.

Tips on submitting a review:

  • Give your honest feedback on product quality and performance based on your personal experience. You can also leave feedback related to Food for Health service and delivery.
  • Include a rating, pros/cons and comments about the quality and performance of the item.
  • Keep comments about customer service separate from product comments.

The following content is not permitted:

  • Specific pricing references
  • Obscene of inflammatory language
  • Advertisements and “spam” content
  • Personally identifiable information (for example: email addresses, URLs, phone numbers)
  • HTML tags or special characters


Product Review FAQ

Q. Who can submit a review?

A. We encourage you to submit your honest feedback on your Food for Health purchases. Anyone who has purchased an item can submit a review for the product. Just find the item you want to review and click “Add Review”.

Q. Do all reviews get published?

A. No. We won’t publish reviews that contain offensive material, have specific pricing references, use inappropriate tags, are irrelevant to the product or are not written in English.

Q. I submitted a review several days ago. Why is it not appearing on the site?

A. A moderator reads all reviews for appropriateness prior to publication. Please allow up to 5 business days for your review to be approved and published.


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